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Here's the deal babe, hand-tied extensions are made with a thin, flexible base, unlike machine tied wefts. This leaves you with a much more natural look than any other sewn in method. We use a weft of 100% real human hair that is hand-sewn onto a row of beads attached to your natural hair, talk about innovation! Because of the high-quality hair, it can be custom colored to match the look you are after, giving an absolutely seamless finish. The weight of each weft gets evenly distributed, causing little to no damage or discomfort - don't worry, we got you. The biggest draw to this method is due to the fact that they are great for everyone. If you have fine hair, short hair, long, dark, blonde, damaged, thinning hair - you most likely are a candidate for this application method! Handtied Extensions don’t require any use of tape, clip-ins or glue and are completely customizable. Making them invisible but also extremely gentle on the natural hair, allowing for healthy hair growth without the awkward phases. (IYKYK)


First, we will need to set up an in person consultation, so give us a message or call the salon. At that appointment, we will discuss the desired length, volume, color, pricing, and maintenance required for your beautiful new hair. Your stylist will go over the installation process and make sure you know what to expect. In order to make your application appointment, you must pay a retainer, this is non-refundable but will be applied to your extension application. We strongly encourage you to check out all of our stylist's pages and book your consult with whom you see fit, everyone specializes in something different. We, as a salon, are proud to say we offer many different methods. So let's get started, babe! :)


Price quoting is near impossible without a consultation and the range is so wide depending on length, fullness, and color.  

Here is a starting point for your reference before we get to meet ya though babe:



1 row 4-6 wefts each 

450 + up.



2-3 rows up to 6 wefts each 

800 + up. 

Please reach out via email to your desired stylist for any further questions or to book your consultation!

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